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Centralised Sales Management

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Giving consumers the confidence to buy healthcare from a UK provider

Build your profile with our on-the-ground operational experience and proven distribution partners. QIVA operated as part of the in-house team for a popular children’s oral health brand from the UK. This helped the company launch on Tmall domestic and Jing Dong. By tapping in to QIVA’s distribution partner relationships, the firm could extend its reach into mother and baby retail chains. In addition, QIVA helped the client to collaborate with Chinese dental clinics, associations and key opinion leaders. This led to further opportunities for offline promotional events and partnerships.

One of the key success elements was QIVA’s centralised management offering. International organisations can struggle with the decision-making process in China. QIVA was able to act as an intermediary and divide up categories of decisions, giving some rights to distributors. This meant the oral health brand was operationally more effective, but they retained confidence that some of their decisions – marketing, strategy – were overseen by QIVA on their behalf. For the distributors, having decisions made locally meant they were enabled to do their job effectively and respond to market opportunities (and threats) with full mandate.

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Using WeChat as a sales management tool

A medical device manufacturer was selling through agents and resellers, but wanted a way to scale their business.

QIVA created a WeChat solution for the company. This gave them a centralised and local platform through which to connect and collaborate with all their business sales partners.

Through WeChat we were able to conduct training for business resellers. This improved their previously limited knowledge of the product portfolio and their technical capability.

We were also able to run very tailored content that resonated with end-users, without creating conflicts amongst the complex and convoluted sales partnerships on the ground.

QIVA worked with the organisation to identify and onboard six previously unidentified and non-formalised resellers. They were then given access to training materials and up-skilled.

This work demonstrated how native technology can be used to create new channels. This approach can achieve often overlooked objectives, such as training and educating your team, managing business customers centrally and keeping transparency over operations.