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Market Activation

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Giving consumers the confidence to buy healthcare from a UK provider

Healthcare provision in China is often unevenly focused on tertiary care. Large, specialist hospitals continue to absorb the vast majority of healthcare requests as consumers tend to distrust primary care givers. This means, the patient journey for diagnosing and treating their health ailments is very different from the UK. Chinese consumers will know the name of their doctor, their qualifications and their specialisms.

In order to drive intentional activation, QIVA advised its client to concentrate their efforts on one, maximum two, disciplines. We went through the process of defining the issue and identifying disciplines where the healthcare provider could truly stand out as extraordinary, guarding and growing its competitive advantage over domestic rivals.

QIVA’s activation plan involved leveraging existing assets and stakeholders in its network, building alliances and working with highly influential actors within subject specific areas. All this creates resonance for the client and gives patients the confidence to commit.

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Don’t leave it to chance, own your market activation

Some brands find themselves in China through happy accident, perhaps through grey sales or word-of-mouth. We want to give brands more control. We helped a global financial institution to design and localise its activation; to make it intentional. This involved developing a strategy to create resonance around the brand, which gave customers the confidence to use its services.

In a collectivist culture direct influence is often most successfully generated through relationships. A network of trust can be built up between consumers, celebrities and influencers (referred to as Key Opinion Leaders / KOLs), which eventually connects people to brands. Consumers will then buy into these brands because they have come to them through people they trust.

At QIVA we work with organisations to develop their market activation strategies. In this case, our local insight helped the bank to understand who their customers are, what they care about and who they listen to.